Best Dishwasher in India 2020

If you are looking for the best dishwasher in India online, then this article will help you a lot. In this article, I will guide you about the best dishwasher in India step by step.

Dishwashers are not very old in India but have become very popular. Still, not many of us know the right factors to consider while purchasing the best dishwasher in India. My article will certainly help you to make a wise choice for your family.

A dishwasher is an ideal appliance for all modern Indian households. The dishwashers save your time and energy and relieve you from washing dishes by hand and also keep your hands and fingers safe and soft, especially during the winters.

Best Dishwasher in India 2020

Buying a dishwasher for a home is an expensive affair so you need to get a proper insight so that you buy the best dishwasher for Indian cooking. Check out this article and get an idea about the best dishwasher in India along with dishwasher reviews India for the best choice and you will surely be amazed at the dishwasher price in India.

Best Dishwasher in India 2020 (At A Glance)

1.IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher in India

IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher (12 Place Settings, Dark Silver) is the best dishwasher for Indian cooking for its hi-tech control panel and pre-wash functionality at 60° C and then a thorough wash at 70° C followed by a three-stage rinsing process ensures perfect cleaning. The cheapest dishwasher in India washes in just 40 minutes.

Best dishwasher in India features:-

  • Quick wash technology
  • Smart design and stunning finish
  • Steam drying for spotless cleaning
  • A++ Energy efficiency and uses up to 9LT of water per day
  • Eco wash technology uses less soap and water


Energy Consumption: 0.9 kWh

Settings: 12

Water consumption: 9L

Power: 2.2 kW

Power Supply220 – 240V, Single Phase15, 50HZ

Noise Level – 49 dB 


Some customers have complained about the poor after-sales service

2.Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher in India

Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher (DT8S, Silver, Inbuilt Heater, Adjustable Upper Shelf) is the best dishwasher in India for it is built in 8 place settings which can fit up to 96 vessels and 6 wash programs: Intensive, normal, eco, glassware, clean and shine with Mini 30 programs which makes it the cheapest dishwasher in India and matchless dishwasher price in India online.

Best dishwasher in India features:-

  • ECO – a special program for saving water and electricity
  • Intensive 70C – for heavily soiled crockery
  • Adjustable upper shelf to create space for large utensils at the bottom
  • Superior and hygienic cleaning using powerful water jets and high temperature


Compact Size

Suitable for all utensils

Energy efficient

Water consumption: 8Lt per cycle

This dishwasher India has 2 years comprehensive and 5 years warranty on motor


Some dishwasher reviews in India have complained about the long duration of the wash cycle

3.Faber 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher in India

Faber 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (FFSD 6PR 12S, Neo Black, Best dishwasher for Indian cooking) is the best dishwasher in India which has 12 settings and 6 wash programs for effortless cleaning. The best dishwasher in India heats water up to 69°C thus removes germs and bacteria and washes away stains easily.

Check the features of this dishwasher for home:-

  • 6 Washing programs
  •  Self-clean technology.
  • One place consist: plate, glass, bowl, cup, knife, spoon, fork
  • Water consumption: 10-17 L
  • Energy consumption: 1-1.6 kw/hour
  • Height adjustable
  • Upper rack and foldable racks


Suitable for up to 6 members

This dishwasher India comes with 5 years comprehensive warranty.


No negative reviews dishwasher online India.

4.Godrej Eon Dishwasher is the best dishwasher

Best Dishwasher in India

Godrej Eon Dishwasher is the best dishwasher in India and is the perfect dishwasher for Indian cooking as it comes with steam wash technology and 9 wash programs. The dishwasher price in India online for this dishwasher is matchless and you get the dishwasher for a home within your budget.

The best dishwasher in India features:-

  • 13 Place Setting which can accommodate up to 91 utensils and cutlery in a single wash
  • Powered by Smart Wash technology
  • Special turbidity sensors detect the amount of particulate matter in water
  • Adjustable washing cycle parameters (temperature, duration, amount of water)


Ideal for 6-7 people

Noise: 46dB

Suitable for all types of utensils

This dishwasher India comes with 1 + 1-year comprehensive warranty


No negative reviews for this dishwasher online in India.

5.IFB Neptune FX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher in India

IFB Neptune FX Fully Electronic Dishwasher is the best dishwasher for Indian cooking with its 12 place settings and 5 wash programs. The dishwasher for home ensures hygiene and super-fast cleaning in less time and less water consumption.

The best dishwasher in India features:-

  • Space utility – 4 shelves in upper rack with an adjustable upper basket when loaded and foldable wires in the lower rack.
  • Height adjustable feature
  • Safety – child lock,
  • Control panel for error detection, overflow and leakage, and heat protection
  • Water softening device (up to 800 rpm)
  • LED indicator for rinse aid and salt refill


Ideal for 6 members

Washes in 50 minutes

Water consumption: 12L

 Energy consumption: 1 Kwh

Power: 220 – 240V,

Noise level – 52 dB

This dishwasher India has 2 years comprehensive warranty on the product.


Functioning defects

So now you have all the dishwasher reviews in India so moves ahead and get the best dishwasher price in India online and buy the cheapest dishwasher in India of your choice.

Best Dishwasher in India – Buying Guide

Now I am talking about the buying guide. Here, I will give you a detailed idea and also guide you. So read this “buying guide” for the best dishwasher in India very carefully and implement that when you are going to purchase the product.

Friends make a complete check before you invest your money as dishwasher price in India is expensive appliances, and your choice must be based on various checks so that you buy the best dishwasher in India.

Types of Dishwashers Choose from the two models for the best dishwasher for Indian cooking

Built-in Dishwashers:

They are pocket friendly and easy to use. Available in many colours and provides noise-free operation but needs permanent space and has a heavy body.

Countertop Dishwasher:

These are the most economical and are portable and compact. Their working principle is simple; just connect the pipe to the kitchen sink faucet for water inlet and a power source to operate them. But if your kitchen is small, it may not be an ideal one for you.


This is a crucial factor which rests upon the size of the family. Capacity is calculated based on how many place settings it has. Go for the following size of the dishwasher for home as per your family size. 8 settings for a small family and you can opt for a compact dishwasher during a standard one with 16 settings for a large family.

Wash Programs:

Check the wash cycle, and the best dishwasher for Indian cooking must have 3 built-in wash programs that are light, normal, and heavy.

Regular Wash Cycle:

This option is for utensils made up of different materials like glass, steel, plastic in a single go.

Heavy Wash Cycle:

This cycle is ideal for cleaning greasy pots and pans.

Quick Wash Cycle:

This reduces the time to half the amount in cleaning the utensils. However, heavily soiled utensils cannot be cleaned in this wash cycle.

Energy Saving Cycle:

As the name implies, this wash cycle requires both less power and energy in comparison to other cycles.

Drying Mechanisms:

Check these criteria as apart from washing the dishwasher reviews india must also dry the utensils which will save your time and energy.

Control Panel:

This is a feature which decides the look and feel of a dishwasher. It enables you to select the wash cycle for the utensils, time left, temperature and other. Usually, a control panel is present either on the front or on the upper lip of the dishwasher.

Hard Water Compatibility:

If your area has hard water supply, then choose a dishwasher that comes with this feature so that it converts to convert the hard water into soft water before rinsing the utensils.

Energy Efficiency:

Check the BEE-rating before buying a dishwasher to ensure that the appliance does not consume huge electricity.

Smart Features- Mesh filters which separate the dust and food particles for enhanced functioning of the appliance.


Whenever there is a power-cut, this function ensures the machine starts working from where the work was paused.


Check that the dishwasher is equipped with-

End of Cycle Indicator:

To indicate that the cleaning is completed and utensils are ready to use.


Make a careful move as dishwashers are very expensive. So choose the most appropriate one.


Go for maximum warranty and check the support service centers at their nearest places.

Best Dishwasher In India – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1.Are the dishwashers meant for Indian cooking?

ANS: Yes, dishwashers are capable of handling the Indian cooking utensils and the stains of oils, milk cream, and masalas.

2:  Which is the best dishwasher for Indian cooking?

ANS: As per the research, Bosch Free Standing Dishwasher is the best among all the models. It comes with 12 place settings, suitable for 4 to 6 members. It has 6 in-built wash cycles, consumes only 10Lt water and ensures safe, easy and clean work in 60mintues. Also, the after-sales support of the brand is very good.

3: Can regular detergent be used in the dishwasher online india?

ANS: No, soaps for dishwashers are different so that they produce a low amount of suds. Regular dishwashing soap will prove to be damaging to the overall health of your dishwasher.

4: How to keep the dishwasher clean?

ANS: Clean the filters regularly, and it is being advised to follow the instruction manual.

5: Which utensils cannot be washed in the dishwasher?

ANS: Utensils made of wood, aluminium, iron, delicate china, and crystal are not safe for machine washing.

6: Can I wash cast-iron pans in the cheapest dishwasher in india?

ANS: Washing a cast-iron pan in a dishwasher is not advisable as the container might become susceptible to rust.

7: What if the dishwasher is overloaded?

ANS: You will not get 100% effective and cleaning ability from the dishwasher for home if overloaded. There are chances of some plates remaining soiled. The dishwasher might start leaking also.


Guys select the dishwashers strictly as per your need. You can also check for a few additional features as well like ‘steam-wash,’ ‘indicators,’ ‘child safety-lock,’ ‘various types of cycles’ and ‘automatic features’. Keep the machine well maintained for a longer shelf-life.

So, what are your opinion about this article? Please give your valuable comment in the comment section. Also, please share this informative content to your friends, various forums, different groups and your community.

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