Best Multigroom trimmer in India 2020

Fashion keeps changing and according to the fashion we also keep changing our looks. But what really matters is the comfort level and style which should not only make the looks cool but also boost our confidence. With the changing dimensions of life, many Best Multigroom trimmer in India has been launched, so that the men can take care of their looks also because gone are the days when looking good was just restricted to women.

Best Multigroom trimmer in India

Men are equally allowed to look the best and adorn their looks with a perfect beard and mustache, a sign of masculinity. So, to all my male readers today I am going to introduce you to the best multigroom trimmer in India 2020 for a perfectly trimmed beard that is desired by all the men nowadays. Also, the women reading my article will be happy to gift one of the best multi groom trimmers to your partners or your daddy on father’s day.

Let us begin to find out what the best trimmer in India 2020 has to offer with its exciting features and functionality so that you no longer need to go to the salon and spend a huge amount of money to get that desired look.

Best Multigroom trimmer in India (At A Glance)

Philips One Blade Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver

The brand Philips is undoubtedly the most trusted brand for its range of electronic appliances and today I am introducing you to Philips QP2525/10 OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver with 3 Trimming Combs which comes in a subtle lime green color.

The trimmer built with revolutionary new technology for the men who wear their style and the best trimmer in India 2020 will impart the desired sharp edge look with its high-performance cutter power through the hair at 200 times per second. With the best multigroom trimmer in India, you can achieve an even trim with the help of 3 trimming combs. The dual protection system keeps your skin protected and soft, whether you trim or shave as the best trimmer in India 2020 is an all in one product.

The best qualities blades provided in the trimmer help you to contours your face, allowing you to easily and comfortably style all areas and get ready for an office conference or a festive occasion.


Water-resistant trimmer which imparts durability and longevity and is easy to clean also

Functions of the comb: 1mm for a 5 o’clock, 3mm for a tight trim, and 5mm for a long stubble.

Both trims and shaves function enabled

Blades: 4 months longevity of each blade hence cost-effective

Weight: 160gm hence making it easier to use and carry on your trips

Battery: Rechargeable batteries imparting 45minutes of constant performance hence energy saver

Warranty: 2years


Some customers have complained the blades shelf-life is much less

Does not gives a perfect shave

JOMLY Professional Hair Trimmer

JOMLY Professional Hair Trimmer is the next choice for the best multigroom trimmer in India for this trimmer is not only for hair but also for beard and body hair which makes it an all in one product.

This easy to use trimmer is suitable for cutting grooming trimming shaping hair/ large beard and mustaches/ synthetic wig for men/ women/ kids/ children/ pets and comes in vintage design and white color.

The sharp blades of the best multigroom trimmer in India 2020 give you the leverage of cutting through even the thickest hair, eliminating pulling and snagging along with customization of cutting lengths from 0.5mm to 2.5mm for a perfect look.


Body: Made of superior quality of stainless steel

Motor: Copper element for low noise and less vibration

Battery: Performance for 300minutes upon charging for 3hours

LED Display indicates remaining battery power, along with charge indicator and lubrication oil reminder.

Cutter and blades are water-resistant

Warranty: 2Years


No negative reviews

Kubra 5 IN 1 Multifunctional Grooming Kit

The next product in the category of the best multigroom trimmer in India is Kubra KB-5300 which comes in a blue/black color. This best trimmer in India 2020 is made for multitasking with its 5-1 grooming kit for body grooming, beard and mustache, nose, ear, and eyebrow with its trimming range of 1-10mm.

Also 19 length settings give the leverage of grooming your beard as per your choice to attain the smart and elegant look.


Weight: 350gm easy to use and carry

Battery: 1AA battery needed which runs continuously for 90 minutes when charged for 1.5hours thus providing enough time for trimming

LED indicator to indicate the amount of charge left

Skin-friendly trimmer with extra comfort and protection, equipped with rounded tips and non-scratching combs.

Price under budget

Warranty: 1year on manufacturing


Some customers have complained about the incomplete package been delivered

Havells Fast Charge 4-in-1 Grooming Kit

Havells GS6451 is certainly the best multigroom trimmer in India for its 4-in-1 grooming kit with multiple attachments for beard and hair trimming and comes in a sizzling brown color.

The best trimmer in India 2020 is equipped with a U-shape metal trimmer which allows to style your beard, neck, and sideburns with precision as it is enabled with a cutting range of 0.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7mm while the T-shape hair trimmer ensures neat and styled haircut, with cutting length range of 3, 6,9 and 12mm for the perfectly crafted beard and mustache.


Grooming kit includes: 1 U-shape trimmer, 1 T-shape trimmer, 1 Detail trimmer, 1 Foil Shaver, 1 Pouch, 5 Combs, 1 Adaptor, 1 Cleaning brush, 1 Lubricating oil, and instruction manual

Detail foil shaver enables a clean shave of small areas on your cheeks and chin.

Rechargeable batteries get charged in 90minutes and remain charged for 90minutes as well 

Sharp and precise blades

The rotatory function enables for effective and painless trimming

Guarantee: 2years


Some customers have complained about the performance of the trimmer

Syska AquaTrim Cord & Cordless Rechargeable Beard Trimmer

Syska HT4000K is one of the best multigroom trimmer in India as it comes with high precision blades with multi-purpose grooming tool to attain the perfect look. The aqua trim cord.

The cordless trimmer enables hassle-free charging and has 9 lengths setting to keep your style elegant while imparting you the accurate styling at 2mm precision with 16mm stubble comb settings so that you can flaunt the look of your choice with this best trimmer in India 2020.

Syska trimmer is skin-friendly and imparts precise trimming with its self-sharpening blades so that you can get your best look.


Blades: Equipped with multitasking ability for nose hair trim also with its sensocut blades

Water-resistant bode hence easy to clean

Battery: Imparts 60 minutes of cordless use after 90 minutes of rapid charging

Includes battery indicator

Warranty: 2 years


Some customers have complained of the incomplete description of the product box

Does not impart high-end performance

Braun Beard Trimmer

Guys, last but not least in the category of the best multiroom trimmer in India is the Braun BT3022 Beard Trimmer which comes in black color. This trimmer is equipped with 20-length settings to provide you any style for your beard or hair.

Braun trimmer is among the best trimmer in India 2020 which gives you the ultimate precision for even cut and accurate lines and edges with its long-lasting sharp blades. You can achieve the desired length in 0.5mm steps by simply turning the precision dial while this best multi groom trimmer in India also gives you the freedom to maintain short to medium beards (0.5-10mm) and even clips your hair.

You can also remove the comb for an even and closer trim and walk with confidence with the look of your choice.


1 – 10Mm trimming comb for short to medium beards

Ultra-sharp blades ensure longevity

Easy to clean

Enables 40 minutes of trim after 40 minutes charge

Automatically adapts to any voltage between 100V and 240V


Trimmer has charging issues

Best Multigroom trimmer in India – Buying Guide

With the number of options in the market, it’s easy to get confused so I would suggest making a check of the below points so that you can shop for the best multiroom trimmer in India.

Body: Look for a water-resistant trimmer for longevity

Blades: Look for sharp blades for precise and even trimming

Battery: Go for fast-charging batteries and longer charge retaining capacity

LED indicator: Go for battery indicator equipped trimmer so that you get an idea of the remaining charge in the trimmer

Trimmer and shaver: Go for the trimmer and shaver model so that you can do multitasking

Item weight: 160-300gm for easy usage and can be carried easily

Skin-friendly: Look for a trimmer with skin-friendly properties

Easy to clean trimmers to be preferred


I hope my article has covered all the features of the best multigroom trimmer in India and you must have gained complete knowledge so that you can choose the best brand for yourself.

Guys just get ready for jaw-dropping expression which you will receive with the perfect beard and mustache and shop for the best trimmer in India 2020 to attain that look at the comfort of your home.

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